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Complete Sample Preparation



accuracy is key

The accroma® sample preparation system is able to extract samples from larger volumes, processing extraction vials with up to 300g of material through the corresponding desired workflow. A whole tablets can be dissolved in 125ml of liquid, following your designed or defined method.  After sample preparation is complete, the robotic system can transfer the sample to a 2ml HPLC vail for LCMS injection.  The uHPLC frontend can be coupled to the accroma for complete automation; offering start to analysis in one system.



complete automation solution

Offering sample preparation directly into the analysis, including HPLC / UHPLC injection. Empower, Chromeleon and OpenLab are available on request.




Complete Sample Preparation


Provide a sample

To prepare a sample, place it in an accrotube and add a steel ball for milling if needed.

Set up the run is accroma 2.0

The accrotube containing the sample can now be set up on the accroma 2.0 sample preparation system.

Build a Workflow

Build a workflow by grabbing icon for each prep step needed to create a  custom workflow method or select define saved methods. The method creation simple as drag and drop.

Let the accroma 2.0 do the work

The entire sample preparation is performed in the sample vessel accrotube.
The accrotube then becomes a part of the sample preparation system, leading to unique advantages.

  • High performance

  • No complex cleaning

  • Avoid cross contamination

  • Flexible switching between different samples

  • Safety

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