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The PAL RTC was developed to maximize productivity in analytical and clinical labs. Robotic Tool Change (RTC) brings sample preparation to a higher level. Every process requires a number of different tools for best performance, e.g. a 10µL syringe for the accurate addition of small volumes followed by the dilution with a 1mL syringe. Robotic Tool Change allows to switch between different tools automatically.
This additional versatility in combination with the large number of available tools enable the design of tailored automation processes.


automated sample preparations for solids

Tablets, powders, plant parts, soil, creams, pastes and much more can be  prepared simple, fast, reliable, traceable and around the clock 24/7. 

The accroma 2.0 is extremely flexible and can be easily programmed to run with continues batches or each sample can have a custom workflow. 



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The heart of the platform is a fluidic module designed for extreme concentration of dilute samples, rapid buffer exchange from complex matrices, and ultra-robust, unattended, high-throughput operation. Integrated with the industry gold-standard PAL 3 robot, the complete SampleStream Platform provides powerful workflow automation capabilities, all in a compact footprint and at a competitive price point.


Its BACK!  The Classic PAL-xt
Limited number call now!

We have the last production lot of PAL-xt. This system is a true classic. If your laboratory has a PAL systems that has been running for years and you just want to buy what has already worked for you for years, we are offering NEW PAL-xt Systems. They are the last lot and carry full warranty.

The Classic PAL-xt is Back
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