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SKU: PAL3-TH-Gripper
PAL3 Gripping Tool, consisting of 1 pc PAL3 Gripper Tool 1 pc Teaching Adapter for Gripper Tool 2 pc Gripping Adapter with 4 pins, Type: Vial Adp. 11mm 1 pc Optional Magnet, i.e. for handling of Stack or Decapper Modules requires FW 2.5 or higher The provided 4-pin standard adapter (Vial Adp. 11mm) is intended for gripping objects and vials with a diameter of 5-24mm, in VT54, VT15 and R60 Racks. The 4-pin adapter is not intended to transport vials into Agitating Modules, such as Agitator, Vortex Mixer, or Heatex Stirrer.
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